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2016 07 12 SELF PORTRAIT

Andrew Barnhart

In addition to being a composer, singer, and producer, I’m also an illustrator. I specialize in comic style art, and I freelance – creating posters, album art, and advertisements for local artists and businesses. Here’s a collection of some of my best work. Follow me on instagram and Behance if you like what you see.

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dane 650x550 1


My style is still developing, I’m still learning and bending, but it’s taken a very comic style, almost cartoonish, direction that I’m happy to embrace. I’m one of those nerd comic collectors. I used to always draw characters in school so whenever I’ve got the doodle itch I churn one out. Featured here is my friend Dane, skanking to some good ol’ bluegrass.


Concert Posters

Learning to build concert posters was a necessity for me, being in bands since I was 16. I took note of their intrigue early on, started designing them when I was 20, and over the last few years the frequency at which I create them is higher than ever. All that practice helped develop my general style into what it is. Featured here are some of my recent favorites.

APR Rumspringa POSTER 11x17 72DPI COLOR 1